2017 day 16

First of all, this is NOT my house…

The idea of living a minimalistic life sounds like a a great way to only keep things that make me happy. For the most part my family is onboard with the changes that need to happen to make minimalism work for us.  Since the kids, my husband, and I had a long weekend, we went through every room and picked 3 things that each of us wanted to keep. The 12 items went into a box, then it was time to clean the hell out of the rest of the stuff. As of right now, there are 5 big moving boxes in the car, ready to be delivered too the thrift store.  

Now, we can breathe. 

Always in transition -Melissa-

2017 day 13

  One of the changes that I’m doing for the new me in 2017 is Stitch Fix. This past year I have gone way overboard with buying random clothes, wether it was on sale or I just liked the color, left me with clothes that i didn’t like it or doesn’t work with any other clothes I owned.  

  My style has changed a lot in 2016 – from hippy, loose, no shape, lounge clothes. To an overall upgrade to a more classy, teacher’ish looking outfits. Upgrading my look, for me mainly means, adding simple jewelry, picking dressier shoes, and putting on my face. 

  The evolution of my closet has made me feel upbeat and more put together for my everyday life. Now, I don’t have the fear of running into someone I know, looking like a hot mess. Stitch Fix is helping me try new pieces of clothes that really look good on me and I can buy whatever item I want, wether it’s the whole outfit or just a purse.  On the website, I can go through outfit ideas and tag my stylist, so both of us are on the same track about my personal style.